Working Families/ Carers Guidance for CCGs and Staff

We were notified last week that NHS workers were considered to be key workers and in light of schools and nurseries closing. There will be many of us that can work from home and whose partners can work from home also, whilst we are considered key workers, to really consider what this means in relation to our childcare.

We would encourage our staff where they can continue to care for their children at home, as opposed to sending them to their school or childcare provider, to do so. It is so important that we all contribute to living in the best way we can to alleviate the wider NHS pressures, however this may not be achievable for all.

The CCG is in full support of our workforce with young families and appreciate that working from home with children in the vicinity is not something we would typically encourage, yet we are not in typical times. We are not expecting our staff to be working in a typical 9-5 manner and appreciate that hours of work may need to be more fluid around looking after our children and work commitments. We are all working to support our NHS in a variety of ways at such challenging times.


Key Workers

For those staff who have identified themselves as key workers, please find a letter here, which can ve used for those accessing school places for their chlildren. The letter can be accepted as proof of key worker ststus in combination with a vaild photo ID pass.


Some guiding principles are listed below:

  • All staff to be working from home, unless agreed with management otherwise. Working from home should be the norm, not the exception.
  • To ask those with caring responsibilities who are able to work from home to do so and only send their children to school or nursery if absolutely necessary (this should not be based on it simply being easier if they are not at home)
  • Managers to support those with caring responsibilities, understand and supporting flexibly where required
  • Understanding that “office hours” may well be very flexible during this time, whilst not expecting employees to complete an unreasonable number of hours around caring responsibilities, to the detriment of their health
  • To check in with you line manager/employee regularly, in particular those juggling the added complexity of childcare
  • With most of the workforce working from home, business as usual just simply cannot happen, this may be due to childcare, caring responsibilities, supporting different work streams/teams to name a few


Tips for working at home with children

The Children's Commmissioner had useful resources for parents which can be accessed here.

Below there are some useful links for some free daily broadcasts to keep your children occupied.


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